May 9, 2024:  John R. (Clearlake, CA).
I’m hooked on the BIG nuggets!
“Just ordered my second batch of Gold Rush Paydirt.  Found several pickers and some Giant gold nuggets that clunk around very nicely in the bottom of my gold vial!  Guess I’m hooked now!”

February 15, 2024:  Ashley W. (Bowling Green, KY).
Always find BIG gold!
“I have purchased this 3 times and always find good gold.”

January 2, 2024:  Susan H. (Phoenix, AZ).
This is great paydirt!
“Gold Rush Paydirt has color in every scoop.  Good practice for the first timer with lots of gold in the pan.  Great stuff!  I have 2 more bags coming.”

December 7, 2023:  David B. (Memphis, TN).
Always nice to find gold.
“We have ordered several bags now and are extremely pleased.  Thank you for the fast shipping!”

November 9, 2023:  Mark S. (Madison, WI).
The panning kit rocks!
“We have the Gold Rush itch and love the panning kit!  It’s full of great gold!”

September 8, 2023:  Helen R. (Kansas City, MO).
Nice colors in the pan!
“Gold Rush Paydirt is good dirt and I would buy again.  I bought this for my husband and he panned out lots of flakes and nuggets.”

May 23, 2023:  Michael R. (Boise, ID).
Gold Rush Paydirt provides hours of fun.
“The packaging was great and we found plenty of gold.”

April 29, 2023:  Amanda N. (Jacksonville, FL).
The perfect Christmas present!
“My husband and kids loved panning for gold.  We found several pickers and some small nuggets.”

February 5, 2023:  John S. (Columbus, OH).
Found gold on my first pan.
“I found a pretty good amount of gold and was satisfied with what I got.  This is a fun family activity.”

December 14, 2022:  Keith M. (Spokane, WA).
Wow, this was fun!
“This was fun and I found gold.  It helped me learn how to pan, which I am now doing at a river by my house.”

August 5, 2022:  Julie N. (San Diego, CA).
Kids loved it!
“Perfect gift for birthday parties!”

June 18, 2022:  Jim S. (St. Pete, FL).
Ordered another bag of Gold Rush Paydirt.
“Lots of gold, already ordered another bag!”

April 15, 2022:  Joe P. (Charlotte, NC).
Great dirt.
“Found more gold than expected.”

March 15, 2021:  Diane S. (Chicago, IL).
Great family activity!
“Our kids loved finding gold in the pan, thank you.”

July 10, 2020:  Alan N. (Pittsburgh, PA).
The best gold paydirt.
“Gold Rush Paydirt has the best of any paydirt I have tried.  Lots of gold in the pan.  Ordering more soon!”

March 17, 2020:  Jaime C. (Mobile, AL).
The kids loved it.
“The shipping was fast and finding gold was great!”

October 23, 2019:  Tim M. (Tulsa, OK).
Fun panning.
“Very happy with Gold Rush Paydirt.  We collected gold from every pan.”

July 8, 2019:  Robert C. (San Antonio, TX).
Excellent paydirt.
“There was plenty of nice gold in this paydirt.”

February 10, 2019:  Doug S. (Little Rock, AR).
First time panning, great fun!
“Found nuggets, thank you!”

December 27, 2018:  Pete M. (Chicago, IL).
Yes, there is gold in these bags!
“Quite a few pickers and nuggets in this paydirt!”

October 10, 2018:  Marty B. (Las Vegas, NV).
Fun way to spend the afternoon.
“Spent the afternoon with the panning kit, fun and found gold.”

June 20, 2018:  Todd S. (Cheyenne, WY).
Gold has been found!
“The kids and I had a blast panning Gold Rush Paydirt!”

November 27, 2017:  James N. (Topeka, KS).
I found gold!
“Very happy, I feel like I prospected, thank you!”

January 2, 2017:  Freddy R. (Seattle, WA).
Eureka, lots of gold!
“I found 4 pickers in my first pan!”

November 9, 2016:  Frank M. (Nashville, TN).
“This is a great product, thank you!”

August 15, 2016:  Jack S. (Atlanta, GA).
Fast shipping, tons of color!
“Pickers and nuggets galore!”

April 20, 2016:  Nathan C. (Gainesville, FL).
Found gold.
“This is our third bag so far and we love Gold Rush Paydirt!” 

November 18, 2015:  Jacob M. (Fresno, CA).
Panning kit.
“The panning kit has everything you need.  The kids loved finding gold!”

September 23, 2015:  Lily R. (Ames, IA).
“There’s gold in them thar bags!”

August 7, 2015:  Pete H. (Columbus, NE).
Prospector Pete!
“My friend bought this and had us over for a get-together and we had fun.  They now call me Prospector Pete!”

June 19, 2015:  Henry R. (Des Moines, IA).
There’s gold in that bag.
“Found a good amount of gold.”

May 28, 2015:  Lisa M. (Buffalo, NY).
Loved it!
“Gold Rush Paydirt provides a great experience!”

March 23, 2015:  Karli C. (Tucson, AZ).
“Great amount of gold.”

March 8, 2015:  Ruby R. (Billings, MT).
Great gift.
“We gave the panning kit as a gift and they loved it.”

January 28, 2015:  Todd S. (Sioux Falls, SD).
Pickers galore.
“We found several pickers!”

January 4, 2015:  Rich F. (Denver, CO).
Cool panning kit.
“The new panning kit is awesome!”

December 20, 2014:  Joanne B. (Pensacola, FL).
Lots of gold.
“Wow, this is great stuff!  Lots of gold!”