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Gold Rush Paydirt is the original paydirt brand from Alaska.

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Our paydirt comes from the Copper River in southern Alaska.

The Copper is a 290 mile long river flowing through south-central Alaska.  Gold is found throughout the Copper River, most abundantly in Slope Creek, Mineral ​Creek, and Eagle Creek.

Below the mouth of Mineral Creek, the Copper River has carved a small canyon 35 feet deep to an old valley floor, which is another location on this river that we have found excellent gold.

You and your kids will love finding real gold!

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After years of prospecting at various sites, we have found excellent gold-producing areas.

We collect paydirt from existing rivers, bedrock, banks, streams, and under/near large boulders throughout the Copper River in Alaska.  Our experience has shown that all of these are ideal locations for finding gold.

We find the best spots and test them.  If they yield traces of gold, we dig up the paydirt around that area and re-test a small amount to confirm the initial gold findings.  This unsearched paydirt is then screened and bagged for sale.  You have the same chance of finding gold as we do!


Gold panning is a fun educational experiences for anyone!  Nothing beats finding your first piece of gold! 

We hope you have as much fun gold panning as we do!